A few observations about this week’s ep, in which our master threaders and shredders made party dresses for “socialite/fashion designer” Nicky Hilton (left):

1. Marla should have gotten the boot. ”As a designer,” she confessed, ”I don’t trust my own creative voice.” Then why the %#! is she on this show? I thought Nicky Hilton’s Chloe dress looked good, but the more we were forced to see Marla’s monstrous reproduction… um, not so much. As Tim Gunn eloquently stated, that gal’s a ”copycat,” with nothing to say. (She even tried to replicate the hairdo of Diana’s model.) If you don’t have the passion, then stay out of fashion.

2. Dorky Diana’s on the prowl. I hope the judges reward her continued attempts at high-concept pieces and keep her aboard — if only because I wanna watch Dirty Diana! I thought she was gonna maul Andrae at the club. He looked like a deer in headlights. Then again, he always looks like a deer in headlights. Dude, try blinking.

3. Zulema’s self-centered, and not as original as she thinks. ”Nicky is definitely gonna notice my dress because I’m doing black leather with cream georgette,” she boasted. ”Everyone is doing pink, blue, full black.” Zulema, you just named, like, 20 colors there. If everyone did one color — solid maroon — and you did green polka dots, then you would ”have set [your]self apart.” But clearly, you see the world as you and then everyone else. Solipsism — now that’s an ugly color.

4. Michael Kors is snap-tastic. Ouchie moments of the week:
a. ”Are there green socks on your dress?” — said to the eliminated caterpillar queen, Lupe
b. ”[Looks] like she’s been sitting at home eating Ho Hos.” — to Miss ”What’s Stevie Nicks?” Diana for making her mannequin look big in the bum
I am trying to remember last season, and if Kors was this outwardly bitchy. I don’t think so. It’s swell.

5. The best design didn’t win. Poor Nick. I think Andrae and Nick’s dresses were my faves. Classy yet sexy. That said, Nick is officially now my pick to take it all — he just needs to get over the Santino chip on his shoulder. Hey, Nick, don’t worry about him. He won’t last.

6. Braiding’s for maritime marauders. I don’t really understand the obsession with braiding (Santino and Chloe). Maybe I’m alone here, but it just looks like y’all attached rope to your dresses. Santino’s outfit reminded me of pirates. Actually, Santino kinda reminds me of a pirate. Right before being named winner, he definitely shot Nicky a stare that suggested, ”Pick me or you walk the plank. Aaar!”

— Written by Tim Gunatilaka

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