Check out these three new movie trailers:

The Benchwarmers (April 7). I fear Jon Heder (left) has been seduced by the Dark Side of the comedy Force. The Napoleon Dynamite star is one of three leads, along with a superannuated-looking David Spade and Rob Schneider, of this Bad News Bears-meets-Old Schoolfarce from the House of Sandler. Put on your cups, viewers, becauseballs and bats are going to be flying toward crotches. Okay, it waskind of a kick at first to see Reggie Jackson, until it became clearthat this movie is going to use him the same way Kicking and Screamingused Mike Ditka, for the retired-sports-legend seal of approval. Noteto Jackson, Ditka, and any other Hall of Fame types: Even if someoneoffers you a movie role as yourself, you can always politely say no.

Bubble (Jan. 27). Every few years, Steven Soderbergh feels the need to go experimental (Schizopolis, Full Frontal). Bubble looks like one such excursion. ”Another Steven Soderbergh Experience,” a title card late in the clip says, which might prompt feelings of dread if it didn’t come after 90 seconds of pure creepiness in the form of footage of disembodied doll parts (the film takes place in a doll factory, though the trailer offers no hint of the movie’s love-triangle/murder-mystery plot). I don’t want to be a philistine and dismiss Soderbergh’s experiment sight unseen, but I don’t want him to play it safe and make nothing but Ocean’s Thirteen either. Can’t we have a third option?

Running with Scissors (Fall 2006). Here’s the promo for Ryan Murphy’s directorial debut that ran during the season finale of Murphy’s Nip/Tuck. At last, we know what drew Murphy to this adaptation of Augusten Burroughs’ memoir of his horrific childhood with his mom’s shrink: Murphy’s fascination with batty doctors. The trailer makes it seem like the film will capture the book’s black-comic tone, and I’ll watch just about anything with Alec Baldwin, Brian Cox, or Evan Rachel Wood in it, so I’m there.