Ever have one of those days when you can feel yourself morphing into your mother? You know, when you find yourself grumbling under your breath about ”these kids today” and the decline of Western civilization in general? Well, it happened to me this afternoon after a friend alerted me to an MTV casting call seeking folks between the ages of 18 and 21 who want their weddings televised on the so-called music channel. Here’s an excerpt:

”Who says you’re too young to get married? You think you’re ready…. What are you fighting about along the way? What’s bringing you closer together? Are you going to go through with it? Maybe you’ll elope!!!”

I wonder what MTV will call this series? My Big Fat Teen Wedding? Pimp My Bride? Not that I’m saying there aren’t any 19-year-olds mature enough to walk down the aisle. It’s just that I’m not sure they’re the same ones who’d want to take their vows on the network responsible for Room Raiders, Date My Mom, and My Super Sweet 16.

What do you guys think? Should I just take my Geritol and settle down, or does the concept for this show make you a little queasy, too?