We all know Richard Simmons (near left) is nuttier than a PayDay bar, but apparently, his brand of lunacy is contagious. Midway through an interview on this morning’s Today, Katie Couric (far left) led the snap-tastic fitness guru to the control room, where he said a prayer to help the show’s staffers control portion sizes and move their ”buns” in the new year. Next thing you know, he’s running his hands down Couric’s torso and muttering something about her toned physique. For her part, Couric pointed out one staffer who she felt needed ”to get in a little better shape,” and then reminisced about playing baseball in the street as a child. I’m not sure there was a single newsworthy nugget in the segment, but watching a short-shorts-clad Simmons brave near-freezing temperatures to hijack the beginning of Couric and Matt Lauer’s post-commercial-break intro from Rockefeller Center was strangely entertaining.

addCredit(“Couric: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images; Simmons: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images”)