Credit: Nick Lachey: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

New Year’s resolutions are no fun — unless, of course, you’re making them on someone else’s behalf. So forget about those dreary self-improvement goals; let’s focus on helping some of our favorite entertainers have a fruitful 2006:

Oprah Winfrey: More! Favorite! Things! Please!
Rosie O’Donnell: Fix the ‘caps’ button on your keyboard already.
Nick Lachey (left): Maybe spend a little more time coming up with the title of your next solo project.
Gwen Stefani: Free the harajuku girls!
Orlando Bloom: There’s no shame in perusing a couple of quality television scripts.
Simon Cowell: Invest in a thesaurus, dude.
The ‘Charmin’ Bears: Shut the bathroom door. We don’t need to see that!

Alrighty, there’s seven from me. Now it’s your turn, PopWatchers. Suggest some oaths for your most (and least) favorite celebrities. Tara Reid, are you listening?

addCredit(“Nick Lachey: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images”)