Blogfather Mickey O’Connor is working on his tan in Florida today, while I’m stuck at PopWatch HQ in gloomy Gotham, wallowing in self-pity. Only two things are making me feel slightly better: (1) All that blinding sun is probably making the blogfather’s New Year’s hangover worse (hugs and kisses, Mickey!); and (2) I got to spend some time sorting through your clever guesses to last week’s HeadScratcher. (Read the question here.)

So, how should you have ordered the movies on our list? According to how much they cost to make: Adjusting for inflation, 1963’s Cleopatra (left) is the most expensive movie ever ($286.4 million), followed by Titanic ($247.0 million), Waterworld ($229.0 million), Terminator 3 ($216.6 million), and Spider-Man 2 ($210.0 million). (You also could have listed them in ascending order, if you’re weird like that.)

A couple of you read the same article that inspired this question, and even informed us that King Kong is the new No. 6 (thanks, smarty-pants!). A few others (like John Niles) ordered the titles according to the time period depicted in each — which may be right, though we have no idea how far into the future the sucky Waterworld is supposed to take place. And a couple of you lazy bums — you know who you are! — merely ordered the movies by release date. Really, do you think we’d make it that easy? You did? Oh.

Anyway, as usual, no one was as cocky or hilarious as the legendary PopWatch Bullies, Paul Secrest and Paolo Guttadauro, who promised to ”kick this question’s measly ass” and then — oh, suh-NAP! — responded incorrectly. (Like many of you, the Bullies knew that the list had to do with big budgets, but failed to order the list properly, switching up Titanic and Waterworld.) Hurts so good.

In all, 22 of you were perfection. Find your name after the jump!

addCredit(“Cleopatra: Kobal Collection”)

A hearty congratulations (but sorry, no prize!) go out to all those who correctly answered HeadScratcher No. 21:

Nick Alexander
Diana E. Betz
Andrea Boyan
Christina Buehler
Connie Chilton
Dave Falk
Patty Francisco
Whitney Fust
Todd Hamilton
Allen Kolko
Heidi Nelson
Tony Polito
Ron Rucker
Brian Scully
Susan Senbel
Alexandra Shapiro
John Simpson
Jill Thayer
S. George Thomas
Brianne Todd
Adam Wanderman
Patrick A. Yearout