The 10 best music videos of 2005: Find out why Green Day, Mariah, and others made our list, and post your own favorites

The 10 best music videos of 2005: Watch ’em

10. The Click Five, ”Just the Girl” Admittedly, the high-school daydream theme has been picked over by everyone from Van Halen to Britney Spears, but a jaunty cameo by a grown-up Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) upgrades The Click Five’s clip from clichéd to crowd-pleasing. (Watch it)

9. R. Kelly, ”Trapped in the Closet” A groundbreaking urban opera? A deranged train-wreck from an artist buying his own hype? Or perhaps a brilliantly executed practical joke? The jury’s still out, but one thing’s for certain: From the vibrating cell phone to the little person in the kitchen cabinet, there wasn’t a more buzzed-about video in 2005. (Watch an excerpt)

8. Leela James, ”Don’t Speak” It takes all of three minutes and 24 seconds for James’ heart to shatter like the bottle of wine she drops after catching her no-good man canoodling with another woman. Not only does the pillowy-haired singer deliver a gorgeous rendition of this No Doubt song, but her moving performance in the video shows her potential as an actress, a possible career move if her music continues to be overlooked. (Watch it)

7. Beck, ”Girl” Even without a trippy setting that regularly collapses on itself to reveal messages like ”beauty lies,” ”side effects death,” and ”where it’s at,” this freewheeling tour of the barrio is a visual feast. Not only that, but you’ve got to grin when Beck joins a random family picnic in the park or tries to get jiggy alongside a salsa band. (Watch it)

6. Missy Elliot, ”Lose Control” In an era where fleet-footed editing can turn even the most uncoordinated pop stars into would-be Freds and Gingers, Elliot’s sick and twisted choreography is a rare thrill — particularly when it’s paired with the a loopy landscape like the one featured in ”Lose Control.” Add surreal twists like an airborne Ciara flying into a wall, or Missy emerging from under the earth, and you’ve got a video that’s completely, uniquely hers. (Watch it)

5. Weezer, ”Beverly Hills” Do Rivers Cuomo & Co. deserve special mention just for standing around the Playboy mansion and serving up a little ear candy? Absolutely. No other artists this year made video-making look like such goofy fun. (Watch it)

4. Common, ”Go” Though Common indulges in the rap-video formula of trotting out a bevy of bodacious, barely clad babes for his ”Go” video, he also employs sumptuous cinematography and playful graphics, making the standard setup look less like exploitation and more like a sexy celebration. Let’s hope other hip-hop directors are headed in the same direction. (Watch it)

3. Mariah Carey, ”It’s Like That/We Belong Together” In a year when Mariah finally got her groove back, she also showed a sharp eye for casting by filming back-to-back videos starring the guy who’d soon be one of fall TV’s breakout stars: Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller. Half smoldering masquerade ball, half alternate ending to her own failed marriage to Tommy Mottola, Mimi’s one-two punch is 100% fierce. (Watch it)

2. Green Day, ”Wake Me Up When September Ends” So what if ”event videos” are old school? It’s still fun to watch those extended scenes of dialogue, high-profile guest stars, and intricate plotlines. With the harrowing mini-movie for ”September” — starring Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood as young lovers torn apart when the former joins the military — Green Day is the year’s best contributor to a genre formerly ruled by Michael Jackson (”Thriller”), Guns N’ Roses (”November Rain”), and even (!) Paula Abdul (”Rush, Rush”). (Watch it)

1. Destiny’s Child, ”Girl” Maybe the concept would’ve worked better when Destiny’s Child was a quartet. But the girls’ Sex and the City homage packs liberal doses of dramedy, high fashion, and sex appeal into a few short minutes. Better still, the Kelly-trumps-cad finale is an ending worthy of Carrie Bradshaw. (Watch it)

Who’s on your list of the year’s best music videos?