Credit: Mary Poppins: Kobal Collection

Take this with a grain of salt (it’s from the U.K. newspaper The Independent), but Steven Spielberg may be planning a remake of Mary Poppins. So says Richard Eyre, director of the current London stage musical hit based on the 1964 Disney film. In other words, it would be like The Producers (or the forthcoming Hairspray), a movie of the musical of the movie. Spielberg would produce, not direct, so don’t expect him to add any dinosaurs, marauding aliens, or Mossad commandos. Still, this sounds like a terrible idea, expecially given the way Spielberg transformed Peter Pan into Hook. Like that film, I fear a Spielberg Poppins would be another parable about how important it is for parents to spend more time with their kids, since they grow up all too fast.

Still, I suppose I should accept the inevitable and start trolling for PopWatchers’ casting suggestions. (Besides supernanny Jo Frost, I mean…)

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