Credit: Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan: Kevin Mazur/

From the There’s More Where That Came From department: meet Ali Lohan (left, with big sister Lindsay), a multi-hyphenate who’s emulating her sis by angling to become a Disney-minted star (she’s in line for a hosting gig on the Disney Channel) and by composing and recording her own songs. She just turned 12. Is it me, or have there been a lot of these preternaturally perky, eerily gifted celebrity sib-bots popping up lately? (Or have I just watched Village of the Damned too many times?)

I envision a celebreality show, where such sibs-of-the-stars as Ali Lohan, Jamie Lynn Spears, Elle Fanning, Aaron Carter, and Haylie Duff share a house. Nicky Hilton can be the house mother on the show. (Or maybe LaToya Jackson.) Shaun Cassidy can produce.

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