Credit: Book of Daniel: Chris Haston

Dear American Family Association,

I haven’t seen the pilot for NBC’s new drama, The Book of Daniel, about a drug-addicted minister who talks to Jesus and has a gay Republican son and a bisexual sister-in-law, but I read about your campaign asking NBC affiliates not to air the program. (In your information, you mention that the show is being written by “a practicing homosexual” — what a shocker! I didn’t think the gays worked in Hollywood!)

Any-hoo, I thought I should tell you that a screening copy of The Book of Daniel pilot arrived at PopWatch HQ last week, and oddly enough, everyone who’s viewed it has been acting very, very GAY. Do you think it’s like that documentary, The Ring, where folks who watched the freaky-deaky VHS tape got a phone call and then died a mysterious death? If I watch The Book of Daniel, is Chastity Bono going to dial me up and make me visit Will it all end with me taking a trip to Brokeback Mountain? Please advise. I need to know if I’m somehow at risk.

Then again, I guess if the show’s subject matter offends me, I can always pick up my remote and change the channel, or simply shut the TV off. Hey, that’s a pretty good idea I just came up with! What do you think?

Michael Slezak

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