What’s that? You don’t have any vacation days left and it’s just you, a temp, and some crickets wasting away in the office trying to pass the time? Have no fear, we’ve got movie trailers for ya. And everybody loves movie trailers. My question to you, though, is which one looks best?

When a Stranger Calls (Feb. 3) It’s never a good sign when a thriller’s Web address ( is the most exciting detail of its trailer, and sadly, that’s the nicest thing I can say about this one. Who’s the emotional sieve starring in this remake of the 1979 flick? And is her uncle doubling as the film’s producer? (What? It’s The Ballad of Jack and Rose‘s Camilla Belle?) More importantly, how can we fear for her character’s life when she appears to be dead inside already? Looks scary. Scary-bad, that is.

The Hills Have Eyes (March 10) This movie, on the other hand, looks scary-scary, what with Aaron Stanford (X-Men), Vinessa Shaw (Eyes Wide Shut), Kathleen Quinlan, and Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin getting terrorized by a family of nuclear test subjects out in the New Mexico desert. While the trailer reminded me a little of 2003’s grisly-awful Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, I have to admit I’m a little intrigued, especially with a tag line — ”The lucky ones die first” — that makes me cry for Mommy.

Failure to Launch (Feb. 10) Okay, so I didn’t actually laugh during the trailer for this romantic comedy. And it’s hard to buy anyone with Matthew McConaughey’s abs as sad-sack. And the use of Nick Lowe‘s wretched ”Cruel to Be Kind” is just plain cruel. So how come I haven’t ruled out seeing this one? Three words: Sarah Jessica Parker. (Well, plus McConaughey, Kathy Bates, and Bradley Cooper don’t hurt either, now do they?)

Thank You For Smoking (March 17) That said, the cast for Smoking is even juicier, with Aaron Eckhart (above) looking predictably terrific as a fast-talking tobacco lobbyist, and folks like Maria Bello, Katie Holmes, J.K. Simmons, Adam Brody, and Rob Lowe lending support. With lines like William H. Macy’s ”the great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese,” you can see why this comedy caused a raucous bidding war at Sundance.