Today, PopWatch brings you three reasons to go see a Broadway show.

1) Unlike TV and movies, where famous actors’ mortifying mistakes are left on the editing-room floor, the Great White Way’s not nearly as forgiving. Rosie O’Donnell apparently missed more than a couple of lines during a recent performance of Fiddler on the Roof; she missed an entire scene, which made her throw up a little in her mouth. (Seriously, yo! Read her blog!)

2) Super cool Nellie McKay, whose sophomore disc is in limbo now that she’s abruptly parted ways with Columbia, will be taking the stage with Cyndi Lauper and Alan Cumming in The Threepenny Opera this March.

3) Everybody’s doing it! Well, not everybody, but a lot of somebodys, anyway. Or to be more specific, 81 percent of Broadway seats were filled from Jan. 2 through Dec. 18, the highest attendance levels since 1997, according to the League of American Theatres and Producers. Not only that, but Broadway’s total box office receipts of $809 million for 2005 sets a new record.

There! Never let it be said PopWatch can’t tear itself away from the boob tube long enough for a classy evening of live theater. Not since we figured out how to use the DVR anyway.