The Year in Pop Culture -- A quick view of the hottest entertainment stories of 2005

1.4 Three months after that lip-synching snafu on SNL, Ashlee Simpson sings live at the Orange Bowl…and is met with a chorus of 72,000 booing football fans.

1.19 A judge rules that Stan Lee (the comics guru behind Spider-Man, among others) is entitled to 10 percent of profits from Marvel Enterprises for characters he created. The case is settled out of court in April.

1.21 Michael ”son of Colin” Powell says he’ll resign as FCC chair after four years in the post.

1.22 Apprentice ax man Donald Trump gets hitched to longtime girlfriend Melania Knauss in a lavish Florida ceremony. Their first child is due March 2006.

1.26 Rap producer Irving ”Irv Gotti” Lorenzo and brother Christopher are indicted for allegedly laundering $1 million in drug money through the Inc., their record label, which boasts acts like Ashanti and Ja Rule. Both are acquitted in December.

2.11 Tom Sizemore is busted for failing a drug test and using a ”Whizzinator” (a prosthetic member) to conceal a supply of clean urine.

2.27 Director Peter Jackson’s Wingnut Films alleges in a suit that New Line Cinema bilked it out of profits from the first Lord of the Rings film.

3.16 Robert Blake is acquitted of murdering wife Bonny Lee Bakley. But in November, he’s found liable by a civil court and ordered to pay Bakley’s kids $30 million.

3.29 Harvey and Bob Weinstein officially split from Miramax and its parent company, Disney, by announcing the Weinstein Company.

3.30 Million Dollar Baby Hilary Swank is fined $163 by a court in New Zealand for failing to declare two pieces of fruit upon entering the country.

4.5 The Sopranos‘ Vincent ”Big Pussy” Pastore is arrested for assaulting his then girlfriend. He later pleads guilty and is sentenced to community service and anger-management classes.

4.16 To the dismay of tween girls everywhere, One Tree Hill‘s Chad Michael Murray weds costar Sophia Bush. To the tween girls’ delight, the couple separates in September.

4.17 Police arrest Rush Hour star Chris Tucker for driving his Bentley 109 mph in a 70 mph zone. Tucker’s defense: He was late for church.

5.10 Project Runway host and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Heidi Klum weds singer Seal. On Sept. 12, the couple welcome their first child, son Henry.

5.11 Sharon Stone confirms that she’s adopted another son, Laird, born on May 7. He joins 5-year-old brother Roan. 5.27 Meanwhile, another Stone — Oliver — is busted for possession of marijuana. On July 29, the director pleads no contest and is fined $100.

5.31 W. Mark Felt is revealed to be Deep Throat, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s famous source during the Watergate investigation.

5.31 Christian Slater is arrested by NYC police after allegedly groping a woman. The charges are then conditionally dismissed with six months’ probation.

6.1 The White Stripes’ Jack White and model Karen Elson wed in Brazil. They announce on Nov. 30 that she’s pregnant.