See what made our list of 2005's best moments on ''American Idol,'' ''The Apprentice,'' and other shows in our weekly TV Watch, then weigh in with your favorites

TV Watch: The 10 top moments of 2005

10. On American Idol, Bo sings an a cappella version of ”In a Dream” ”Bo’s decision to toss caution — and backing instruments — to the wind paid off more than I’d have ever expected, as the Alabama native showed off his ability not only to hit listeners’ guts but also to hit even the trickiest notes with total authority. Much like Fantasia’s season 3 ‘Summertime,’ it was the kind of star-making turn that renders the results of the competition irrelevant for Mr. Bice.” —Michael Slezak (Read the TV Watch.)

9. On 24, tech nerd Chloe discovers her inner action heroine and blows away some bad guys24 has never been the most progressive of TV shows when it comes to women, and giving them weapons and letting them pump a few rounds of lead isn’t the most creative way to render them ‘strong.’ But as a general rule, snarky computer analysts with mousy looks and Big Ass Guns totally rock!!” —Jeff Jensen (Read the TV Watch.)

8. On Dancing With the Stars, Kelly Monaco nearly loses the top half of her dress, mid-dance ”In last week’s TV Watch, I predicted a wardrobe malfunction for the sultry soap star, so it only took me a few seconds to recognize what was happening when she began clutching her breasts at inappropriate moments midway through her ‘Bailamos’ samba. Now, normally, I wouldn’t recommend that judges hand out 8s and 9s to a dancer just for keeping her top on, but in this case Monaco seriously earned her applause.” —MS (Read the TV Watch.)

7. Survivor: Guatemala The guys get violently ill ”The Nakúm tribe won and received a flint and the superior camp, but then Blake starting puking his guts out. Or was it Jim? Or was it Judd? Oh, right — it was all three! But even that barforama was tame compared with Bobby Jon, who I honestly thought for a split second might go and die on us. That whole eyes-rolling-back-in-his-head thing was eerie.” —Dalton Ross (Read the TV Watch.)

6. Praying all the way, good guys Uchenna and Joyce edge out the sneaky (and already rich) Rob and Amber in the season finale of The Amazing Race ”The idea of someone really thinking God might invest anything in deciding who wins a reality show seems a bastardization of religion. And yet with this one ending so moralistically, I thought just maybe God had something to do with it. I mean, if I were God, I’d certainly think, ‘I usually don’t get involved, but if Uchenna and Joyce don’t win this, then I’m really a douchebag.”’ —Josh Wolk (Read the TV Watch.)

5. Narm! On Six Feet Under, Nate suffers a post-adultery seizure ”As vital as Nate has been to Six Feet Under throughout its five seasons, is there anyone out there who’d be all that sad to see him reach his final destination? Especially after his completely unforgivable decision to sleep with, as his pregnant wife so eloquently put it, ‘that sappy little ferret Maggie.’ Or the way he repeatedly referred to his unborn daughter with the kind of detachment you’d expect in a discussion about, oh, which type of can opener you ought to buy in the kitchen aisle at the local Target.” —MS (Read the TV Watch.)

4. On Desperate Housewives, Bree changes Rex’s tie in the coffin at his funeral ”The she-devil was in the details — and the pitch-perfect performance of the incomparable Marcia Cross. The hilarity and the credibility of Bree’s wordless transformation from heartbroken widow to borderline psychopath could’ve easily been derailed if, say, Rex’s prep-school tie hadn’t been quite so orange, or so hideously adorned with that blasted crest. Or if the episode’s director hadn’t allowed the camera to linger on Bree as she propped her late husband’s torso upward as casually as one might, say, fold an airplane seat table. Or if Cross’s body language and facial expression hadn’t been so marvelously hungry as Bree scanned the throat of every man in the church for the perfect pinch-hitting accessory.” —MS (Read the TV Watch.)

3. On Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, Ms. Spears provides videotaped evidence of how one pair of body parts resembles another: ”She focused the camera on her knees and said, ‘They look just like boobs. But they’re not. They’re my knees!’ and then shrieked with laughter. One wonders, what about this intensely banal moment made her tell her editors to include it in the show? You could start by blaming an askew perspective conditioned by a short lifetime spent surrounded by parasitic giggling hairstylists and publicists to whom she only has to say, ‘Milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner, fudge is made,’ and they’ll crap their pants laughing. And yet, Tom Hanks probably gets his ass kissed wherever he goes, but you don’t see him making a TV show where he plays the game ‘Earlobes or testicles?’ ” —JW (Read the TV Watch.)

2. On Lost, Shannon is shot by Ana Lucia after following a vision of Walt into the jungle ”As my friend Liz pointed out, Shannon engaged in some high-risk behavior this episode: She had sex with Sayid and later declared her love for him. She was redeemed by her sad flashbacks (in which her dad dies and her Wicked Stepmom attempts to crush her ballerina dreams). Then she went running through the jungle in the rain. ‘And she didn’t listen to Creepy Wet Walt! Creepy Wet Walt told her to shut up. She didn’t listen, and she went screaming off towards him. People who don’t listen to Creepy Wet Walt… are dumb.”’ —Scott Brown (Read the TV Watch.)

1. On the season finale of The Apprentice, winner Randal rejects Donald Trump’s suggestion to also hire runner-up Rebecca: ”There it was. The moment of truth. The time for Randal to step up and do a very gentlemanly thing. But his response was, ‘No, Mr. Trump. It’s not called The Apprenti. There should only be one.’ And to light boos from the audience and quite the look of surprise on Trump’s face, that was how we ended. Randal gets a job. And then given the chance to hire the extraordinarily smart and competent Rebecca, he falls, blazing, onto the sword of his tragic, tragic pride.” —Whitney Pastorek (Read the TV Watch.)

What do you think? Which of 2005’s great TV Watch moments did we leave out? How about great moments on other shows?

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