Here's what the entertainment world will miss most about Gilligan

Tina Louise remembers Bob Denver

JAN. 9, 1935-SEPT. 2, 2005

Bob’s character on Gilligan’s Island was lovable, wacky, and charming. You laughed with him and at him as he did silly things. He was curious like a child, playful and boyish. Children loved him, and families enjoyed watching him together. Bob’s mind was very quick — as an actor he talked very fast. But as a person, he was shy and introspective. He was my favorite person to work with. It was a joy for me to flirt with him, to try to charm him to do whatever I wanted — to help me get my way on the island or certainly to help me get off the island, which, of course, I never did. It’s amazing, the way the show has lasted and the pleasure we’ve brought to so many people — it has taken a while to really grasp how much pleasure. Bob’s comedy was clever and fun, and will live forever. (Denver died of complications from throat cancer surgery in Winston-Salem, N.C.)