Test your knowledge of this year's entertainment trivia

By EW Staff
December 23, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

It was a good year for Black Eyed Peas and blue-eyed geishas, 40-year-old virgins and 14-year-old wizards, and Oprahs and Bonos. What other moments in 2005 do you remember?

1 How many Oscars did indie studio Miramax win by the time Bob and Harvey Weinstein ended their 12-year partnership with Disney?

2 Harry Potter’s first instructor in Defense Against the Dark Arts was Professor Quirrell. Name two other professors who taught this course in the HP movies.

3 The tired but heroic interns of Grey’s Anatomy learn their skills at Seattle Grace Hospital, which has a reputation for having
A ”the best doctors money can buy”
B ”the shiniest faces in the Northwest”
C ”the toughest surgical-residency program west of Harvard”
D ”the tastiest club sandwich in town”

4 Complete this TV-show analogy: Barney is to Doogie as Lily is to

5 Match the number with the correct description

2 billion, 304 million, 12, 1

A Dollars earned by Revenge of the Sith in its first four days of worldwide release
B Estimated worldwide audience — via radio, television, and Internet — for last summer’s Live 8 concerts
C Number of times on the Today show that Tom Cruise told Matt Lauer, ”I like sitting here talking to you”
D Number of times Kelly Clarkson sings the phrase ”Since U Been Gone” in ”Since U Been Gone”

6 Revenge of the Sith sat atop the box office charts for two weeks (or roughly the same amount of time it took Natalie Portman’s Padmé to get pregnant and deliver twins). What film knocked the final Star Wars film off its perch?

7 In Wedding Crashers, what government position is held by Christopher Walken’s William Cleary?

8 Which of the following did Oprah Winfrey NOT accomplish in 2005?
A Settled a long-running feud with David Letterman
B Forged a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine
C Started a charity to build housing for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina
D Produced a Broadway musical based on the book The Color Purple

9 What name did illusionist/film producer/cruel dad Penn Jillette and wife Emily bestow on their new (and presumably soon-to-be-in-therapy) daughter?

10 True or False: The Black Eyed Peas’ ”My Humps” may be the most annoying, inexplicably successful, IQ-draining single of all time.

ANSWERS TO THIS WEEK’S POP CULTURE QUIZ 1. 60; 2. Lockhart, Lupin, and/or Moody; 3. C; 4. Willow; 5. A. 304 million, B. 2 billion, C. 1, D. 12; 6. Madagascar; 7. Treasury Secretary; 8.B ; 9. Moxie CrimeFighter; 10. True