EW reminds us of the events of September and October 2005 -- Chris Rock, Nicolas Cage, Kate Moss, and more

Chris Rocks Prime Time SEPT. 22
Comedian Chris Rock’s quasi-autobiographical sitcom Everybody Hates Chris debuts and does what Homeboys in Outer Space never could: gives UPN a hit. Its premiere (the network’s highest-rated comedy airing ever) lands second in its 8 p.m. time slot, behind Survivor: Guatemala, in that critical demographic of viewers age 18-49. And Chris beats its other rival, NBC’s Everybody Is Indifferent to Joey.

Racy Game Vexes the Governator OCT. 7
California passes a law preventing ultraviolent and sexual videogames from being sold to minors. After hidden sexually graphic scenes were discovered in the hit game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in July, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had made the bill a high priority. Meanwhile, the Governator’s own wildly violent scenes are available to people of all ages at the local video store.

Cage’s Kid Gets a Kryptic Name OCT. 3
Nicolas Cage and his wife of 16 months, Alice, have a son whom they name Kal-el, after Superman’s moniker on the planet Krypton. (The name was arrived at after Wedgieplease was deemed a bit too on the nose.) On his first day of junior high school, little Cage will discover his own kryptonite: name tags.

Model Moss’ Scandal SEPT. 15
England’s Daily Mirror publishes front-page photos of what appears to be model Kate Moss snorting cocaine. H&M, Chanel, Burberry, and jeweler H. Stern all drop her from their campaigns, although she’s offered cover shoots by 14 Courtney Love fanzines.