EW reminds us of the events of February and March 2005 -- Jamie Foxx, Denise Richards, Martha Stewart, and more

Foxx Gets an Oscar FEB. 27
Odds favorite Jamie Foxx wins the Best Actor Oscar for Ray, delivering an acceptance speech nearly identical to the one he had given at the Golden Globes six weeks earlier: thanking his late grandmother and paying tribute to Ray Charles by singing the call-and-response from ”What’d I Say.” Five months later, when Stealth is released, word comes down from his two mourned heroes in heaven to please leave them out of it.

A Pregnant Richards Files for Divorce MARCH 2
Three months before giving birth to her second daughter with husband Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards files for divorce, though by year’s end there is talk of reconciliation. A split was a terrifying prospect for Sheen: In accordance with California’s strict divorce laws, Richards would get custody of Emilio Estevez.

Stewart Bids Adieu…to the Slammer MARCH 4
Leaving prison, Martha Stewart begins six months of home confinement during which she is allowed to leave her house for work duties like hosting her Apprentice spin-off. Coming next year: Dennis Kozlowski hosts Attica Idol.

50 Cent & the Game Call a Truce MARCH 9
Just a week after 50 Cent throws the Game out of G-Unit and their respective posses engage in gunplay in front of a Manhattan radio station, the two rappers publicly embrace and announce a truce. But by June, the Game was calling Fiddy a b—-, and in October Fiddy bragged he wrote much of the Game’s album. Oddly, with these two, this is considered a truce. If one of them stabbed the other, however, it would get downgraded to an amnesty.