Somehow, I didn’t get the memo, but apparently 2005 was the year of the Jacksons. Siblings Janet (left) and Michael topped highly scientific year-end buzz-o-meters by Google and Access Hollywood, despite the fact that neither put out an album this year.

Janet, a.k.a. Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty (sorry, couldn’t help myself), landed atop the ”2005 Year-End Google Zeitgeist” report, which ranks the massive search engine’s most queried news subjects for the year. Whether folks were jonesin’ for another peek at her 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction or seeking membership in the pop star’s Rhythm Nation is a matter of speculation, but Jackson led a top five that included Hurricane Katrina, tsunami, xbox 360, and Brad Pitt. Michael Jackson ranked sixth, followed by American Idol, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Harry Potter.

Access Hollywood, meanwhile, ranked Michael Jackson atop its ”Top Ten Newsmakers of 2005,” a list based on the number of stories the program dedicated to each celebrity over the course of the year. Jackson was the subject of a whopping 77 Access Hollywood segments, followed by Eva Longoria (55), Britney Spears (51), Tom Cruise (49), and Jessica Simpson (46). Completing the top 10: Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, and (tied for ninth) Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey (each with one segment more than Angelina Jolie).

I have to admit, I’m surprised there was enough Longoria news to put her ahead of Britney, Tom, and Martha, but instead of quibbling, I’m just going to look on the bright side of both of these lists: In a sign that the apocalypse may not be totally nigh, Paris Hilton didn’t crack either top 10.

Did anything on these year-end rankings surprise or delight you, PopWatchers?

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