Credit: Date Movie: 20th Century Fox

Here are three new trailers for some big 2006 comedies:

Date Movie (Feb. 17) Along the lines of the Scary Movie franchise, this one’s a parody of the recent wave of gross-out romantic comedies, though it’ll have its hands full trying to out-raunch the likes of Meet the Fockers and Wedding Crashers. The invaluable Alyson Hannigan (at left, with Sophie Monk, spoofing Kill Bill) stars; the sight of her dancing around in the now-obligatory fat suit is enough to make this clip worth watching. Date Movie also has a timely teaser, a 30-second spoof of King Kong that features a blond-wigged Carmen Electra getting fondled by a big monkey. Hope not all the jokes are on that basic ”duh” level.

Click (June 23) Adam Sandler keeps trying to avoid mature adulthood, but it keeps pulling him back in. Here, he’s a family man who (thanks to mad scientist Christopher Walken, who’s a hoot) comes into possession of a ”universal remote” that allows him to put people and events in his life on pause. Unfortunately, it gets stuck on fast forward, and his kids start growing up quickly while he’s still gawking at ladies’ boobies. This could be a thoughtful comedy with some gentle points to make about our rush-rush lifestyles — if Harold Ramis were directing it. But Ramis has already made this movie twice (Groundhog Day, Multiplicity), so it’s left to Sandler crony Frank Coraci (The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy). So it looks like subtlety is out; David Hasselhoff cameos and boobie jokes are in.

You, Me and Dupree (July 14) This time, Owen Wilson is a honeymoon crasher. After serving as the best man at Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson’s wedding, the down-on-his-luck Wilson moves in with the newlyweds and becomes the houseguest from hell. Didn’t see a whole lot of jokes in this clip, so I guess it’s hoping to coast on the (considerable) charm of its three stars.