The kids teamed up (and often ganged up on each other) in a rather heated edition of Project Runway, in which the week’s task was to design three pieces of hot lingerie for Heidi. And speaking of hot… nudity! Thirty-four minutes into the show (for you TiVo pervs), we got a peek at a model’s pixelated pee-pee parts. (Immature, sure, but recognize that I’m just following Kara’s lead, who declared: “I’m gonna snip your pee-pee off, Daniel [Franco].”)

Speaking of Daniel F. (left), to sell his concept for a “Lovemaking” line of lingerie, Mr. Bliss awkwardly flirted with (stared at, hit on, whatever) Ms. Klum. (What would Seal say?) As porno-style music played in the background, Franco told the pregnant Heidi, “I’d love to show you something beautiful.” Heidi’s kindly, albeit frozen smile hid her embarrassment (amusement, fear, whatever). I couldn’t wait for this creep to follow his bliss right out our lives. Which he did, as the PR sophomore lost out last night.

But did Daniel F. deserve to lose? Other than Daniel V.’s Revenge line (an ingenious idea incorporating menswear from spurned exes), everyone’s work this week was disappointing. Diana’s Goddess line was too skanky — a little too reminiscent of The Fifth Element (not exactly a compliment). I think I prefer Diana’s endearing nerd tricks with keyboards and magnets.

But the big loser this week had to be The Evil Santino. His megalomania and schizoid narcissism reared its ugly head as he blew up at cold-as-steel judge Nina Garcia and everyone else (“It’s original! It’s organic!”). For sure, Santino has the skills to win it all, but, come on, his Heidi’s Homeland line was hideous. His models looked like walking gingerbread houses (with icing on the bum?). Given his ferocity, how could the judges keep him on the show? There’s no way the judges will crown him the winner, but alas, since he’ll make for good television, he’ll be kept around for a while, I think. Too bad for Daniel Franco.

Who are you rooting for? Who raises your ire?

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