Credit: Alias: Reisig & Taylor/ABC

Death is seldom permanent in the world of Alias. (Exhibit A: the Dec. 14 episode, featuring the return of Michael Vartan as the apparently resurrected Vaughn.) So it’s possible that the show itself may survive its current death sentence, albeit not in its current form. Alias executive producer Jeff Pinkner tells TV Guide that he and J.J. Abrams are mulling spinoffs, including an Alias big-screen movie for Jennifer Garner or a new series featuring the characters Pinkner calls ”the triumvirate of evil”: Sark (David Anders, shown), Peyton (Amy Acker), and Sloane (Ron Rifkin). Meanwhile, Pinkner says, the show’s planned exit in May has given the writers license to kill off many more characters over the remaining 10 episodes. Then again, re-read the first sentence of this post…