So I was watching the Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts series the other night, and I saw the strangest thing: oddball celebrity chef Mario Batali (at left) palling around with oddball R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe (at right), like they were actually friends! Arm-wrestling even! It was some good watchin’ (the Renee Zellweger-Christiane Amanpour ep wasn’t bad either), and it got me thinking about the glory days — when songs like “Radio Free Europe” and “Talk About the Passion” connoted substantial depth within my 13-year-old mind.

But anyhow, what do Being John Malkovich, Saved!, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, and Velvet Goldmine have in common? They were all produced wholly or in some part by Single Cell Pictures, Stipe’s production company. This week was characterized by a very high percentage of correct answers among the responses submitted (of which there weren’t as many as usual, probably due to my changing the eligibility period at the last minute).

See the smarties after the jump — I’ve got to motor if I’m going to make it to that Christmas party. Spiral-cut Honeybaked ham waits for no one, people!

Brent Baer
Allison Bone
Curtis Chastain
Connie L. Chilton
Tony B. Cook
Jose Guzman
Jen Horn
Daniel Jakes
Donald King
Shane Kwinter
Meagan Lamberti
Matthew Lesh
Kerin Lou
Kate Lund
Suzannah Marchese
Erin McIntyre
Katie Meigs
Ryan Moore
Heidi Nelson
Ed Nemmers
Daniel Nicholls
Carl J. Samuelson
Kieran Scanlon
J.D. Sivert
Mike Tank
Brianne Todd
Josh Vogel
Jarett Wieselman
Patrick A. Yearout

(If you think you got the answer correct, but don’t see your namehere, it’s probably because you didn’t give it to me — your first andlast names, that is. So shoot me an email — use mickey_o’ just this once — and we’ll see what we can do.)