It was probably inevitable that someone would come up with a spoof of Brokeback Mountain that turned it into a Broadway musical. It was probably just as inevitable that it would be Nathan Lane. He and a bunch of chap-wearing chorus boys performed it last night on Letterman, with parody lyrics set to tunes mostly borrowed from Oklahoma. I laughed, but its swishy stereotypes were the sort of thing that GLAAD would have picketed if it had been someone other than Lane performing it.

While Lane was busy trotting out gay gags that were old when the first Producers came out four decades ago… over in England, several hundred same-sex couples got married on Wednesday, including Elton John (at right) and David Furnish (at left). (Jeez, Brokeback hasn’t been in theaters for two weeks yet, and already…) They were all taking advantage of England’s new civil-union law, which went into effect Wednesday. By all accounts, John and Furnish’s nuptials were just like anyone else’s. (Except for the part where 700 celebs and other guests came to their reception. Or the part where they got a congratulatory message from Prime Minister Tony Blair. Oh yeah, and the part where both members of the bridal party were wearing traditional morning coats.)

After he gets back from his honeymoon, maybe John can write some fresher tunes for Lane’s musical.