Credit: Being Bobby Brown: Bravo TV

I admit it: I was expecting ”Christmas With the Browns,” last night’s special holiday episode of Being Bobby Brown, to look like The Ref. (If you missed it, Bravo is airing the special several more times over the next two weeks.) Actually, it was all rather sweet, at least at first. A ”Hell to the No” or two, some carol-singing around the piano, and no doody-bubbles. But then Bobby says this, to Bobbi Kristina: ”How you let a dog just lick y’all in the face knowing they just finished licking they…” (Mercifully, he does not finish this thought.) He also tells the kids, emphatically: ”There’s no such thing as Santa Claus…. I am Santa Claus.” — all while waving a carving knife. Yikes.

There’s a near-catastrophe when a chafing dish full of Bobby’s homemade gravy spills all over the kitchen floor, but all is well again when a high school choir stops by to sing more carols, inspiring Bobby and Whitney to dance. Bobby says he’ll invite them back to sing more Christmas songs at Easter (though they could’ve filmed this at Easter for all I know). Okay, it’s no Charlie Brown Christmas, but there’s nothing you’ll have to cover your children’s eyes or ears for.