After watching this teaser trailer for Apocalypto, Mel Gibson’s Mayan-language epic that’s due next summer, I still have no clue what the pre-Columbian epic is about. The combination of lush nature photography and shots of mobs gathering at Mayan pyramids suggests The Mummy as directed by Terrence Malick. Could be really cool, in Gibson’s now-patented gonzo, over-the-top fashion. If you can, try to freeze-frame the clip about 1 minute and 46 seconds in, and you’ll catch the flannel-shirted Gibson himself winking at you, Hitchcock-style.

By the way, you wouldn’t think there’d be a lot of merchandising possibilities for a movie set centuries ago in a vanished civilization, but you’d be wrong. Why, just imagine, if you get a cough, you can take some of Gibson’s Eucalypto lozenges. And how about the steel drum soundtrack of songs inspired by the movie? Apo-calypso! [Ed. Note: Sigh.]