Not that I’m suggesting Martha Stewart would do anything sketchy. Or that she’s such a control freak that she might’ve pre-selected the two finalists for her NBC Apprentice spinoff prior to the show even filming. But isn’t it a tad peculiar that, as PopWatch reported back in August, Bethenny Frankel (at right) used to date the son of Martha’s cigar-chomping sidekick Charles Koppelman, and that Dawna Stone (at left) is a former coworker of Donald Trump’s previous Apprentice Kelly Perdew?

Anyhow, those little coincidences, combined with the fact that toxic obnox Jim made the final three, kind of makes me happy that just this weekend, with my DVR at 97 percent full, I went through and erased seven backlogged episodes of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.

For those of you who’ve stayed faithful to the ill-fated series, who do you think will take home the top prize when the series’ finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC: Bethenny or Dawna?