Miss Misery

Nebbishy Brooklyn writer David Gould is paralyzed about what to do about his imminently due book assignment (he prefers reading online diaries to writing a manuscript about them), his relationship with his now-overseas girlfriend, and even what kind of beer to bring to a party. As an escape, he begins blogging as a fictional hard-partying DJ — until a mysterious doppelgänger impersonates his online alter ego around New York City. Miss Misery can read more like a playlist than a book, with a new song mention every five pages or so. But while his protagonist is an admitted ”housebound bore,” author Andy Greenwald creates some engaging characters, like a Utah Mormon teen with strict parents who idolizes Gould from afar. Plus, Misery reeks of hipster NYC authenticity, even referencing the speeches of real-life panhandlers on the F train.

Miss Misery
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