Quentin Tarantino rules as a director, but as an actor… uh, well, he rules as a director. I don’t mind him in tiny doses in his own movies (like his role in Pulp Fiction, left, opposite Harvey Keitel), and I’ll grant you that it’s worth renting the forgettable indie film Sleep With Me just for QT’s monologue about how Top Gun is really a gay love story. But otherwise, when it comes to watching him in larger parts, like the ones in From Dusk Till Dawn, Destiny Turns on the Radio, or Broadway’s Wait Until Dark — well, you’d probably rather have your ear sliced off. So it fills me with something other than disappointment to learn that Tarantino is giving up acting. (”I lost the bug,” he tells MTV News.) This includes his own movies, like the upcoming biker flick Hell Ride, in which he’d initially planned to costar. Unfortunately, the article hints that he hasn’t lost the bug entirely. ”I might still act in one of my movies — we’ll see,” he says of possible future cameos. Let’s just hope Tarantino lands many more directing gigs, and that they keep him too busy to cross to the other side of the camera.

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