Credit: The Apprentice: Virginia Sherwood

If you were hoping last night’s Larry King Live (transcript here) — featuring interviews with Donald Trump and The Apprentice‘s season 4 finalists Randal Pinkett (far left) and Rebecca Jarvis (near left) — would provide some insight about and resolution to Thursday’s doozy of a season finale, well, no dice, folks. (For the uninitiated, Trump crowned Pinkett as the show’s champ, then asked on live television if he should hire Jarvis as well; Pinkett chose not to share his victory with Jarvis, responding that ”It’s not The Apprenti, it’s The Apprentice.”)

While Pinkett’s decision has prompted heated debate among Apprentice fans and polarized the blogosphere into pro- and anti-Randal camps, King’s segment failed to ask a lot of the questions that have been on folks’ minds: What was it about season 4 in general — or its two finalists in particular — that prompted Trump to push for the unprecedented decision to hire two Apprentices? How would Rebecca respond to Randal supporters who say she didn’t deserve to share The Apprentice title because her record didn’t match up with Randal’s undefeated tally, and because she failed to earn a single penny for her charity in the season’s final challenge? (Especially considering that earlier in the season, Trump fired four candidates for not earning anything during the sporting-goods challenge.) And why couldn’t King clearly state the question he kept dancing around: How would Trump respond to the observation that the only time he selected an African-American candidate as The Apprentice, he managed to put him on the spot by asking him to share his title?

I liked the fact that Trump pointed out no one would ask Miss USA to give the pageant’s runner-up a crown of her own. (Nice way to work in a mention his pageant franchise, too.) But for me, the most interesting revelation was this: After asking Trump what he thought of bloggers who had disparaged him, King admitted he doesn’t ”know how to touch a blog” and has never sent an e-mail. Seriously.


What questions would you like to have seen answered on last night’s show? And which side do you fall on: Team Randal or Team Rebecca? Holla back!

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