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points out an interesting article in New York declaring How I Met Your Mother ”the most catchphrase-happy show on TV.” Which got me thinking about the TV quotes I loved (and quoted) the most in 2005. With all respect to Britney, can you handle my truth? Here’s my top 5:

5- ”Suit up!” –Barney (Neil Patrick Harris, left), How I Met Your Mother

4- ”We’re going to have to take the boy.” –Creepy, bearded ”Others” guy, Lost

3- ”Narm!” –Nate Fisher, Six Feet Under

2- ”Hell to the no!” –Whitney Houston, Being Bobby Brown

1- ”I don’t need to see that!” –Valerie Cherish, The Comeback

I don’t know about you guys, but as Bobby and Whitney once said, ”They work, they work for me. They work, they work for me.” Have I missed any of your favorites? Or should I have rearranged the order? Weigh in now.

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