”I’m Terry Gilliam. I guess I’m responsible for some of this,” begins Gilliam’s commentary track for The Brothers Grimm — way to take ownership of your work, Terry! You can’t really blame him for ducking responsibility, since the movie was by all accounts a typical ordeal to make, with stars dropping in and out and the Weinstein brothers meddling with everything from cinematography to Heath Ledger’s facial hair. The result is a shambolic, lurid, fascinating mess that barely dented the box office, with Ledger and Matt Damon’s Napoleonic-era ghostbusters vying with a 1,000-year-old Thuringian queen (Monica Bellucci), a hammy Italian torture master (Peter Stormare), and splattery CGI. It’s every fairy tale ever written trash-compacted into two hours; serve with red wine and extra-strength Tums. EXTRAS Deleted scenes (including a shot of possessed trees that Gilliam crows is the most expensive in the film), bland making-of featurettes, and the director’s exhausted, mordant commentary. Of the sequence in which Stormare drop-kicks a kitten into a whirring fan and Jonathan Pryce wipes off a tiny gobbet of flesh and tastes it, Gilliam drily notes, ”There’s a lot of ideas going on in here.” And they are…?

The Brothers Grimm
  • Movie
  • 118 minutes