[NOTE: This PopWatch HeadScratcher is closed. See your clever responses here.]

Since Friday was spent crying over the spilt milk that was PopWatch for most of the day (we had some technical difficulties in case you weren’t aware), I didn’t have time to mine the significant resource that is my (coughcough — Gary and Mike’s) vast pop-cultural knowledge. So I never got around to devising a question, what with the sky falling and all.

Besides their clever titles, what do these four films have in common?

Being John Malkovich
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
Velvet Goldmine

Send your best guess to

So now that up is up and down is down again (thanks for yourpatience!), I’lltake your clever responses until Wednesday afternoon. This also not so coincidentallycoincides with my two-day vacation, during which I will be surely becaroling, sledding, and imbibing with the storied O’Connor Clan of theGreat Frozen White North of Massachusetts. Come back Wednesday and see what smart little bunnies you all really are.