Credit: President Bush: Fox News

It was surprising enough to learn a few months ago that President George W. Bush had a song as raunchy as ”My Sharona” on his iPod. On Wednesday, the president offered another look at his MP3 playlist, in an interview whose transcript is here. Now, it would be easy to note that the president shares his generation’s taste in music icons (Beach Boys, Beatles, Aretha), and it would be equally easy to joke about what’s not listed (is Bush listening to Clint Black’s ”Iraq and Roll”? How about Led Zeppelin’s ”When the Levee Breaks”? Any Kanye West?). But I think we can all agree, Democrat and Republican alike:

The Archies?!?!?

If you’re going to bop your head to the moldy bubblegum beats of ”Sugar, Sugar,” Mr. President, at least listen to the Wilson Pickett version. Please, please, PopWatchers, help the chief executive with some download selections we can all respect; America’s prestige in the world community may hang in the balance.

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