There’s no getting away from Christmas, not even in the fantasies playing at the multiplex. It’s not a big leap from the big guy on the roof to the big gorilla atop the skyscraper; Brokeback Mountain‘s Jack Twist is only three letters away from Jack Frost; and even wintry Narnia has a cameo by Father Christmas and his reindeer. So even the Grinches among you might as well embrace the seasonal spirit that marks this weekend’s offerings:

-Wake up early Sunday, and you can catch Davey and Goliath’s Snowboard Christmas (7a.m., Hallmark Channel), in which Claymation’s favorite Christian kid and Christian dog (left) meet a nice Jewish boy and Muslim girl for fun on the slopes.

-Less-friendly Muslims populate the series finale of Sleeper Cell (Sun., 8 p.m., Showtime) — wait a minute, didn’t this series just premiere, like, two weeks ago?

The Simpsons offer a trilogy of Yuletide tales (Sun., 8 p.m., Fox) — the Christmas Treehouse of Horror?

-New to the holiday bookshelf: Former Spy magazine correspondent Ellis Weiner tries to prove the existence of St. Nick in Santa Lives, while former Six Feet Under scribe Bruce Eric Kaplan invites Every Person on the Planet to his holiday party. EW reviewers give both books an A.

-Want to stuff someone’s stocking with the best new albums of the week? Our critics’ faves include soulman Anthony Hamilton’s Ain’t Nobody Worryin’, forgotten rap/reggae pioneer Prince Far I’s Silver & Gold 1973-1979, and See You on the Other Side by we’re-not-dead-yet metal vets Korn.

-Surely, if you’re buying DVD gifts, you’ll want to buy Airplane!: The ”Don’t Call Me Shirley” Edition. Among the extras are new interviews, including a subtitled one with the two jive-speakers. Golly!