We reveal the worst mom on TV -- Tim Stack tells you why one of the ''Desperate Housewives'' isn't your ideal parent

We reveal the worst mom on TV

If we lived on Wisteria Lane, we’d make sure social services paid a visit to Desperate Housewives‘ Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman). In her quest to be a good mother while working full-time, Lynette is making Susan’s mama, Sophie (Lesley Ann Warren), look like a pillar of responsibility — and she lied to Susan about her father being dead! How bad a mom is Lynette? Let us count the ways.

Er-rat-ic Behavior She released a rat into her home to make hubby Tom (Doug Savant) believe he needed to keep the casa tidier. Rats can carry disease. There’s a baby in the house. Way to go, Mom!

Overreactive Imagination Son Parker made an imaginary friend named Mrs. Mulberry and began ignoring Lynette, who then trashed Mrs. Mulberry’s Mary Poppins-like umbrella. It was later run over by a car in front of poor Parker, killing both imaginary Mrs. Mulberry…and Lynette’s chances of being named Mom of the Year.

Stealing Time Lynette hired Stu, her office receptionist, to kidnap her twins. Don’t fret, though: The abduction was a hoax to demonstrate Tom’s irresponsible parenting! The real loser in this situation? Lynette. We’re guessing the twins’ future therapy bills will keep her burning the midnight oil for years to come.

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