Spotlight on Diablo Cody -- The stripper-turned-author of ''Candy Girl'' talks about her unusual career shift

In 2003, Diablo Cody (real name: Brook Busey-Hunt) was a bored ad agency grunt in Minneapolis who wandered into the strip club world for a year. Her memoir, Candy Girl (Gotham, $24), chronicles her time on ”the freeway of indecency,” while offering handy factoids (strippers hate the Eagles!) and catchy lingo (porn shui). We checked in with Cody, 27, on the phone from LAX after a few days of taking meetings with film execs (she has a deal at Warner Bros.).

Now that your book about stripping is coming out, do you feel every producer you meet is fantasizing about you disrobing?
I can always tell if someone has read the book because they’ll ask the most inappropriate personal questions. This one guy the other day launched into this graphic, salacious story about going to a [strip club’s high-priced] ”champagne room” and I’m thinking, In any other situation this would be considered harassment.

What’s more fun: writing or stripping?
I could give you an intellectual answer about them being the same process of stripping away the outer layer to reveal the inner core, but I won’t. I’ll just say stripping.

What do you think of ”stripper workouts”?
The mainstreaming of stripper culture is cool. And it can really get your ass in shape. I’m totally getting a pole installed in my house. Pulling your own weight over your head will kill your stomach. Far better than an Ab Roller.

I’m sensing a George Foreman Grill-style business plan.
Yeah, Diablo Cody’s Porta-Pole! A pole in every house.