I had modest expectations for Bravo’s comedy special Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words, but as Bobby Brown is my witness, it was high-larious! (And surprisingly raunchy for a basic-cable show — cover Timmy’s ears!) You wouldn’t think the idea of stars reading other stars’ memoirs would yield much, but comedian and show creator Eugene Pack has enlisted as readers such comic pros as Fred Willard, Jay Mohr, Cheryl Hines, and Andrea Martin.

The result: creepy but uproarious moments like David Cassidy’s recollection (read by Mohr) of a quasi-incestuous encounter with TV sister Susan Dey, alternating bits of bodily advice from Sylvester Stallone (Pack) and Tommy Lee (Jack Plotnick), and dueling accounts of the stormy Burt Reynolds/Loni Anderson marriage from books by Reynolds (Willard, chewing gum the whole time a la Burt), Anderson (Hines), and Reynolds’ personal assistant (Martin).

You’d think the authors might be mortified if they ever hear these readings (though George ”Sulu” Takei was in the audience and seemed to enjoy Pack’s reading of his book), but then again, if they were truly capable of such shame or introspection, they’d never have written these passages in the first place. Keep an eye out for this special: After a repeat airing at 5 p.m. this afternoon, Bravo isn’t showing it again until Jan. 6.