Is the new ''Chicago'' DVD an improvement? -- Melissa Rose Bernardo breaks down the Rob Marshall musical's recent ''Razzle Dazzle Edition''

With Rob Marshall’s Memoirs of a Geisha now in theaters, his first film gets a Razzle-Dazzle Edition. Check out the jazzed-up extras:

A MAKING-OF MAKEOVER The existing doc ”From Stage to Screen: The History of Chicago” now acknowledges the December 2004 death of Jerry Orbach, a.k.a. Broadway’s original shyster lawyer Billy Flynn back in 1975. ”Just once more I’d love to hear him do the courtroom scene,” muses Chita Rivera, who played vaudeville killer Velma Kelly. Presto: a vintage clip of Orbach crooning ”Razzle Dazzle.”

THEATER GEEKS, REJOICE ”When Liza Minnelli Became Roxie Hart” recounts the star’s stint in the ’75 show and includes her singing ”Nowadays” on Dinah Shore’s daytime chatfest.

MARSHALL, MARSHALL, MARSHALL! Chicago composer John Kander and late lyricist Fred Ebb note that Marshall’s first big gig was their 1983 musical Zorba; the ex-chorus boy confesses, ”I never, ever had any aspirations to be a film director.”

MORE SINGING! MORE DANCING! Multiple cameras?sometimes three at once?show ”All That Jazz” and other songs from new angles. Rehearsal footage reveals that Catherine Zeta-Jones looks stunning even dripping with sweat. Show-off.

WORTH A SECOND LOOK? Yep — blows the sequins off the original DVD.

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