The 10 hottest topics for the week of December 23, 2005

1 Disney to replace Christopher Robin with a girl character in new Winnie the Pooh series Finally, Transamerica for the toddler set!

2 Next edition of Survivor to exile individuals on an island by themselves Hey, Tara Reid — let’s you and me go for a little boat ride…

3 American Idol semifinalist Julia DeMato charged with drug possession and DUI DeMato has reportedly denied the drug charges. Meanwhile, 99 percent of the American public has denied even remembering who the hell she is.

4 Johnny Depp threatens to swallow the nose of anyone who takes pictures of his kids What about if one kid takes a picture of the other kid? How exactly does that work?

5 Must Love Dogs on DVD Must also love sappy chick flicks.

6 Nicole Richie and DJ AM break off engagement And to think Paris and Nicole felt they no longer had stuff in common.

7 Snoop Dogg named executive producer of XM Satellite Radio’s classic hip-hop channel ”The music I play makes people feel good,” said Snoop in a statement. As for what makes Snoop feel good, it starts and ends with the green stuff, and we don’t mean money. (Unless, of course, he’s using that green stuff to light the other green stuff.)

8 Rob Reiner decides not to run for governor of California Apparently, one meathead per race is enough.

9 Radio Music Awards airs…on TV I still blame this all on the Buggles. This and Adam Curry’s hair.

10 Holiday wish list Well, peace on earth would be nice, but let’s get real — we’ve been wishing for that for 100 years and what has it gotten us? I’m cutting my losses and going with weekly Julia DeMato updates.