Cover Timmy’s eyes, people.

No, seriously, cover them.

Remember last week when NBC deemed part of Elton John’s concert special, The Red Piano, too hot for broadcast? (You know, the segment featuring a giant video of Pamela Anderson pole-dancing to ”The Bitch Is Back”?) Well, the footage (warning: video contains nudity) has made its inevitable way to the Web. And while I can’t argue the (ahem) pneumatic star of Stacked is thisclose to nekkid, I also can’t say I was particularly shocked by her display. I mean, it’s Pamela Anderson. This is what she does. And you’ve got to admit, the David LaChapelle-directed cleavage-fest is a lot more artful than Paris Hilton’s gag sandwich of an ad for Carl’s Jr. Still, we’re left with a larger question, PopWatchers: Do you think NBC did the right thing by deciding to leave Pam’s terpsichorean skillz on the editing-room floor? Holla back!