Here’s some good news: Word on the street is that Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry wants William H. Macy and Laura Leighton, real-life spouses of series stars Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant, to sign on as guest stars. But the New York Post’s Starr Report makes it sound as if Tom and Lynette might be headed for dueling extramarital affairs — which I think is a dreadful, dreadful, dreadful idea. True, Lynette may be one of the most manipulative, scheming characters on TV, but having the Scavos turn into Cheaty McCheaters wouldn’t be true to their function as Wisteria Lane only vaguely happy couple.

I’d rather see Macy and Leighton star as houseguests from hell, maybe some trashy cousins of Tom’s who come for a long weekend, then refuse to vacate the premises.

How would you utilize the talented duo to help revitalize the a show that — in my mind — still hasn’t gotten its Season 1 groove back?

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