So the Golden Globes nominations just came out, and even though I’m not 100 percent caffeinated, I’m going to share my gut reactions.

First of all, on the TV front, I’m elated that Eva Longoria (left), whose flawless comic timing is keeping Desperate Housewives afloat this season, scored a nomination for best actress in a comedy. But where the heck is Lisa Kudrow for The Comeback? I’d have left out Teri Hatcher, or — dare I say it? — Marcia Cross to make room for the woman who so vividly brought Valerie Cherish to life on HBO’s now cancelled sitcom. And, speaking of ignored shows and performances that could’ve used a little help from the Hollywood Foreign Press, um, where the hell is Arrested Development in the best comedy category? Or for that matter, any of the show’s brilliant cast, especially Jessica Walter and Will Arnett? Or The Comeback‘s Paulie G (Lance Barber)? Or Medium‘s Jake Weber?

On the movie side of things, I kind of thought Catherine Keener would be a shoo-in for a supporting actress nod for Capote, but no dice. (Instead, we get Shirley MacLaine for In Her Shoes. Seriously?) And if you’re going to nominate Matt Dillon for Crash, how can you leave out the amazing Don Cheadle?


Okay, folks, I know I’m not the only one who’s starting to work myself into an apoplectic fit. Please state your name and share your feelings in the PopWatch therapy circle. It’s time to let the healing begin.

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