The New York Film Critics Circle: Ohmigod, we totally love Brokeback Mountain — it is the Best Picture of the year.
National Board of Review: Nuh, uh — Good Night, and Good Luck. is definitely the Best Picture of the year.
NYFCC: You would say that.
NBR: What is that supposed to mean?
NYFCC: You know. Why don’t you tell them what you said to me earlier about Philip Seymour Hoffman and Felicity Huffman now?
NBR: They are the Best Actor and Actress of the year, respectively.
NYFCC: As if! Heath Ledger and Reese Witherspoon (above) are!
NBR: You’re only saying that because you’re a stupidhead.
NYFCC: Am not.
Are too.
I’m telling Mom!
NBR: Baby!
NYFCC: [storms off in tears]

And… scene! Can’t we all just get along?