I know, you can’t give an award to everybody, but some of this morning’s Golden Globes snubs seem just baffling to me. To Mike Slezak’s list of unfairly dissed shows and performers posted this morning, I’d add the following: No West Wing (enjoying a revitalized season), Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, or Six Feet Under (which went out with a bang)? Kudos to Lost, but where’s Terry O’Quinn’s nomination?

On the movie front, how does Munich get Best Director and Best Screenplay but not Best Picture? (Judging by the discussions at Sunday’s Boston Society of Film Critics confab, there’s a lot more critical support for this movie than has emerged so far in awards lists.) Where’s King Kong, The Upside of Anger‘s Joan Allen, Junebug‘s Amy Adams, and Oliver Platt (who steals both Ice Harvest and Casanova as a supporting actor)?

How does an art-house mediocrity like Mrs. Henderson Presents get nominated for Best Comedy while Wedding Crashers and The 40-Year-Old Virgin get bupkes? (Don’t tell me it’s because Mrs. Henderson — a movie bearing Harvey Weinstein’s imprint and starring Dame Judi Dench — has a better pedigree, since it also has more deliberately gratuitous female nudity than Wedding Crashers and Virgin combined.)

Speaking of Virgin, Mike S. has already noted that Catherine Keener (above, in Capote) got snubbed in the supporting category for Capote, but the Globe voters also missed opportunities to nominate her as supporting actress for her stellar work in Virgin, The Interpreter, and The Ballad of Jack & Rose. Note to Keener: To get noticed next year, maybe you should try playing a gay cowgirl, a transsexual, a disturbed math genius, or a geisha.