Steve Carell, The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Credit: 40 Year Old Virgin: Suzanne Hanover

Braving a merry mix of bodily fluids, depilatory torture, and a prostitute who’s not what she seems, Steve Carell shines as a lovable lug struggling to get his swerve on. While The 40 Year-Old Virgin‘s vulgarity pushes the envelope, the star’s aw-shucks earnestness keeps everything decent in this touching sex romp. EXTRAS Collecting redundant shots of the cast laughing at themselves, the blooper reel is indulgently long. Similarly, costar/co-producer Seth Rogen’s date with a porn star is a waste (although Rogen is clearly having a ball). Yet the near-hour of bonus footage like Carell watching The Hulk with a hooker in drag, an extended Date-A-Palooza sequence, and randy stockroom banter about the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man soups up the twisted gaiety. And the inclusion of a retro sex-ed video showing bell-bottomed teens discussing those special feelings is random in the best possible way. Still, the disc’s gem must be the chest-waxing doc: That’s Carell in the flesh, and his pain is real. But how dare he use Kelly Clarkson’s name in vain!

The 40 Year-Old Virgin
  • Movie
  • 113 minutes