Who's making deals in the week of December 16, 2005 -- The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

MOVIES Budding sequel princess Sarah Michelle Gellar clearly doesn’t hold a Grudge against Takashi Shimizu, director of one of her top-grossing hits. The Scooby-Doo 2 and Scream series alumna will reportedly begin filming a follow-up to the 2004 horror flick next month, with an anticipated Oct. 20, 2006, release.

MUSIC Emo rockers Fall Out Boy are planning ample opportunities for their fans to dance, dance their way through 2006. After a gig at MTV’s New Year’s Eve party, the group will tour Europe before headlining a U.S. tour this spring with Hawthorne Heights and All-American Rejects. Plus, adds bassist Pete Wentz, ”we’re working on our new songs, and we’re in talks to collaborate with Babyface on our new record.”

MOVIES Queer as Folk star/ inescapable talking head Hal Sparks will soon be en route to China to film a pair of martial-arts films. In Chinese. Um, wha? ”I speak Mandarin and study martial arts, so this has always been a dream of mine. I’m going to be a semicomic-relief fighter. You know, like I am in real life on the street.” What are the names of the movies? ”Uh, they’re in Chinese, so it wouldn’t make sense.” Any titles you can talk about? ”Next fall, I’ll do a feature I’ve written called Babe Lair. It’s a modernization of ”The Three Little Pigs,” with three guys using their apartments as a lure to get the same girl to like them.”

TELEVISION Frequent medium jumpers William H. Macy, Tom Berenger, and Ron Livingston have signed on to star in an anthology series based on spook-meister (and EW columnist) Stephen King’s 1993 short story collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes for TNT. Don’t expect a marathon miniseries, though: Only 8 of the 20 original tales are getting one-hour adaptations.

TELEVISION Dick Wolf calls his just-ordered NBC legal drama Conviction a ”charactercedural.” It doesn’t roll off the tongue like ”dramedy,” but then Wolf is the mastermind behind Law & Order, so who are we to nitpick? The series, which stars a bevy of ”Hey, isn’t that…” actors, including SVU‘s Stephanie March (reprising her role as Alexandra Cabot) and The O.C.‘s Eric Balfour, begins production this month in New York City.