Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

Cash’s Cachet

Thank you for your fabulous article on Walk the Line (”Cash Up Front”). It made my day when I checked the mail and saw Joaquin Phoenix on the cover! He is one of today’s best and most vibrant actors, and his performance in the film, as well as Reese Witherspoon’s, should be hard to beat at Oscar time. Bravo!

Matthew McConaughey may have recently been named the ”Sexiest Man Alive,” but the coveted spot on my refrigerator door belongs to your shot of Joaquin Phoenix channeling Johnny Cash in the Nov. 25 issue. I have long been waving the Phoenix banner, marveling at how easily he breathes life into the characters he occupies, gushing over how genuine he comes across in articles, and lusting after one of the most handsome faces I’ve ever seen. I am hoping that Walk the Line finally gives this incredible talent his due. I am a happily married woman, but should Mr. Phoenix ever glance my way, I’ll keep a good divorce attorney on speed dial.
Emerald, Pa.

Good Sports

The article ”Jock Stars” is the best compilation of sports movies I have ever read. The depth of research that went into it is obvious. I never thought of Gladiator as a sports movie, but, of course, you are right. You left out one of my favorites, Fear Strikes Out, but omissions are inevitable. I will keep this issue for permanent reference.
Wethersfield, Conn.

Splendid ranking of the top 30 sports DVDs, with one glaring exception: the omission of arguably the best baseball movie ever made, Bang the Drum Slowly. A gut-wrenching look inside baseball when it was a real sport, this 1973 classic features powerhouse performances by a young Robert De Niro and Michael Moriarty. Bang is to Bull Durham as On the Waterfront is to Weekend at Bernie’s.
Los Angeles

Better Off Dead is one of my all-time favorite teen comedies, but come on — including it as No. 27 on your list of the top 30 sports movies? Better Off Dead is a movie about an exchange student eating ”frawnch” fries and ”throwing away a perfectly good white boy.” Just because the guy who played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds is giving ski tips does not mean it’s a sports movie. Why not make it 31 and add Grease to the list — didn’t John Travolta letter in track for Rydell High?
Glendale, Ariz.

Get With the Program

I always look forward to your cover. But this week when I turned the pages to Tom Welling staring back at me not once, but twice, I was breathless. It’s no ”wonder” why Smallville is such a huge hit (”Small Wonders: TV Winners & Losers”). Welling is a hottie and can fill Superman’s boots without question. If you are taking requests now, I would like to see him on the cover for the 100th episode. Thanks for the drool session!
Virginia Beach, Va.

I had to chuckle when the WB Entertainment president David Janollari said they had built themselves on a ”mantra of patience.” Sorry, but that’s UPN now. Your rival will reap the rewards by sticking with Veronica Mars, while you dropped your truly critically acclaimed program Jack & Bobby after just one season.
Central, S.C.

Cup o’ Joel

Bravo on an excellent article featuring one of the greatest singers of all time (”The Many Lives of Billy Joel”). Joel has been distinguished as a music icon by generations of Americans, and I’m glad that EW has finally recognized his talents and achievements.
Kaysville, Utah

Sad ‘Development’

When I heard the distressing news that Arrested Development might be canceled, it was as if a family member had died (News & Notes). Granted, a hair-plugged, hook-handed, boozed-up member of the family, but we’d miss that person, too, wouldn’t we? No other show on television has consistently made me laugh during the past two years as this one has. It’s amazing to me that 4.3 million viewers is not considered to be a substantial number of viewers by television networks. It’s almost the equivalent of everybody in Arizona tuning in and watching the show together. If Arrested Development can’t be saved, I’m personally inviting my 4.3 million other Arrested friends to come over this summer and we’ll watch the DVDs together. If I reserve the clubhouse, we should have enough room.
Santa Maria, Calif.