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Project Runway’s second season premiered last night,bringing with it a LOT of bad attitude (Santino, we know you’re good and we know you know you’re good, and that kinda bugs us) and at least one extraneous booty shot (thanks, Zulema!). Thus, I’m confident we’re in store for much fun. (Just someone get Andrae some Valium, please.)

But let’s use this first in what will be weekly entries to talk about proper maternity wear. Indeed, I find host Heidi Klum (at center, in black miniskirt) quite attractive. No doubt. I am in full support of her being scantily clad. I am also happy she had a healthy pregnancy [son Henry was born Sept. 12]. But I’m not sure how I feel about those elements coexisting, as they did last night. Her maternity dresses are crazy. Klum definitely gave new meaning to the idea of busting out of a tiny dress. (And speaking of healthy pregnancy, do you think she stopped kissing kicked-off contestants — like she did last year — to minimize germ passage?) I know I should proclaim pregnancy a beautiful thing, and that we should all be proud of Heidi’s aplomb. But I just feel kinda squirmy over it.

As a result, I’m too distracted to judge the designers and their talent just yet. (But I will say that Daniel Franco needs to go away so he can overdose on bliss elsewhere. And did he really call Rasputin “the Merlin of Russia”?) I’m really afraid Heidi’s water is gonna break, rendering the runway slippery and treacherous for brittle model bones. Be careful, Heidi!

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