For most of this millennium, Jennifer Lopez (at right) had the upper hand in her eternal rivalry with fellow Tommy Mottola-groomed diva Mariah Carey (at left). That ended this year when Carey finally emerged from her post-Glitter slump with The Emancipation of Mimi, which sold 4.1 million copies, about six times as many as J. Lo’s March release Rebirth. (Mimi also earned Carey eight Grammy nods this morning, while Lopez didn’t earn any.) In fact, Carey’s album is the No. 2-selling CD of the year to date, surpassed only by 50 Cent’s The Massacre (4.8 million sold). Such are the details revealed in a music winners-and-losers article by Michael Endelman and Raymond Fiore in the forthcoming issue of EW.

So it’s time; pick a side — whose team are you on?

addCredit(“Carey: Robert Ascroft/ Contourphotos.comLopez: Mary Altaffer/ AP/ Wide World Photo”)